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Online Session Cellist

I am Deryn Cullen, a South African-British cellist based in beautiful Yorkshire. I work alongside my composer husband, Dan Cullen writing and recording cinematic music for libraries and films; I work as a remote session cellist for composers, producers and songwriters across four continents; and I teach cello and music theory to local students and further afield via Skype.

My professional focus as a cellist for the past 10 years has been in the studio. My recordings have found their way to the BBC, Chanel 4, Syfi, the blockbuster game, Mass Effect, and many UK and US feature films. Before that, and since graduating with a B Mus degree in 1999, I played in professional orchestras (both full time and freelance); with rock bands, acoustic songwriters and cabaret artists; I even ran away with No Fit State Circus for a brief stint as their cellist in 2006!

My experience has opened up a multitude of genres and playing styles outside of my classical training. And whether you send me a dazzling solo or the simplest part to blend in with your harmonies, my passion is to deliver a recording that exceeds your expectations.

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