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My session work takes place in a dedicated sound treated room in my quiet, semi-rural home. These are the cello recording services I offer:

  • Recording of solo or ensemble cello parts for an audio or audio-visual project

  • Recording of overdubs for an audio or audio-visual project

  • Improvisation or writing of cello parts


What You Can Expect

You will receive 3 separate audio stems for each recorded part: 1 close mic capture, and a left and right room capture. 

Once parts have been recorded, mp3 stems will be sent for you to listen to in isolation and with your project. If you are completely satisfied with the recordings, uncompressed stems in your preferred format and a signed release form (if required) will be sent on receipt of payment, which can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. Click here for a breakdown of fees.

If not, adjustments can be made according to your specific requirements. The agreed price for a session includes an additional hour of recording time specifically for revisions. Any revision work that can't be completed during this time will be subject to an agreed fee increase.

What I'll Need from You

The following files (audio files can be mp3 or wav):

  • Main mix without cello part

  • Cello part/s - please send separate stems for more than one part and ensure that they line up with the main mix

  • PDF score or midi file of cello part - optional for simple parts, but necessary for complex parts.

  • Performance directions are your call - I'm happy to work with detailed directions and equally happy to put my own interpretive spin on the part if you prefer.

  • If the track is the same tempo throughout, please just provide the BPM on the score or in your additional notes if you have any

  • If there are tempo changes, please include a click track or midi export containing all tempo and meter data


Get a quote

Check my fee guidelines


Recording Space

A sound treated, sound proofed room in a beautifully quiet location; large enough for a string quartet and fully equipped to record to the highest standards

  • Music PC: 32 GB ram, Windows 7 64 bit

  • Sonar X3 Producer, Finale 2014

  • Mackie Onyx 1620i firewire mixing desk


  • Remic C5300 Studio Mic for Cello

  • sE Electronics Gemini ii tube mic

  • sE Electronics 4400a condenser mics: matched stereo pair

  • sE Electronics z3300a condenser mic

  • sE Electronics 2200a condenser mic

  • Fine antique cello (Mittenwald c 1880)

  • Fine antique cello (Germany c 1820)

  • Yamaha Arius digital piano (also used for midi control)


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