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"Deryn has an exceptional and unique combination of talent and hard work, and to top it all off she's a joy to work with. I have worked with her on multiple pieces of music that have required extremely challenging cello performances and she has nailed the challenges on time every time. When I need live instruments, Deryn is my go to Cellist."


Simple lines to round off your song, sweeping solos for your film score, multi-tracked cello to bring life to your orchestral strings, or improvised lines to take your music in a different creative direction; most genres covered

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Vivid, cinematic, and beautiful compositions suitable for a wide range of uses including commercial, film and web. Publishers include BMG Production Music, Universal Production Music and Warner Chappell Production Music

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Advanced cellists seeking a 2nd opinion or refresher lesson; composers looking for technical advice on cello parts; beginners looking for an introduction to cello or advice on getting started: try one of my Skype sessions

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